Gyre Services ®

Network Planning and Execution

We get your network to work for you

We get you Networked, intelligently and efficiently. Through an initial consultation, we discover your business needs and design a strategic plan that gets your network up and running, so that your business is up and running.

Our installations are prompt and fit you like a glove, including on and off site connectivity. We also adeptly identify your future needs, so that network plans are scale-able and easily accommodate company growth.

Gyre Technologies can deliver a better network infrastructure in 4 simple steps:

1. Network Site Analysis: Gyre Technologies takes your site(s) into consideration when designing a network plan. A network admin will do a site survey to evaluate the following:

  • Distance from ISP Central Terminal
  • Wireless Congestion
  • Building wall materials and structure for interference
  • Power efficiency

2. Network Planning:  After the network administrator completes his or her survey of your site, a team of network admins and desktop technicians will begin to plan your network implementation. During the planning phase Gyre Technologies will plan the following:

  • Offsite user access (remote workers)
  • Local user access
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Wiring

3. Networking Implementation: After planning we will first implement the entire network configuration at our location to stress test each equipment and the configuration to eliminate any defective products or configuration errors. After we have successfully tested the network infrastructure at our site will then transfer the configuration to your site and make the necessary configuration adjustments. At most you can expect the following:

  • Equipment installation
  • Wiring
  • Wireless Configuration
  • ISP Date negotiation
  • Testing

4. Network Maintenance: At this point Gyre Technologies knows your network is secure, reliable and fast, but in the world technology things do happen, that is why for the next 90 days after the completion of the installation, Gyre Technologies will keep your network running smoothly and respond to any issue related to your network. After 90 days you may subscribe to our network maintenance plan for that piece of mind.