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How to start a live sharing session with Microsoft OneNote

To take advantage of Microsoft OneNote Live sharing all participants should be on the same Network. This lesson shows you how to start a Live Sharing Session

Start the OneNote Application


Start the OneNote Application Start -> All applications --> Microsoft Office --> Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

Share your Current Section


On the Share menu, point to Live Sharing Session, and then click Start Sharing Current Section.

Sharing Task Pane


1 - The Start Live Session task pane opens.

2 - To assign a password that participants must provide to join the Live Sharing Session, type a password in the Session password box in the Start Live Session task pane.

3 - Click Start Live Sharing Session.

Security Warning


Click "OK" at the Warning dialog box

More Options in the Sharing task pane


Click Shared Address Information


Provide the Session address to participants, If you are logged in via VPN you will see more than one address, always use the address that starts with 192.168.0.X. If you are unable to to join contact support,