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How to convert a Target to a Contact in SugarCRM

This guide walks you through the process of converting a Target to a Contact in your SugarCRM based system. This is a process that you either complete for either one of two reasons, either to clean up your database or the Target has truly become a contact. As of today there is not a straight path from a Target type to Contact type, you must follow the workflow of the CRM system.

Access the campaign panel


Select "View Targets"


Find the target you wish to convert to a contact


1. In the "Name" field enter the name of the target you wish to convert

2. Click "Search"

Select the "Target"


Click on the name of the "Target" you wish to convert.

Convert the "Target" to a "Lead"


Click "Convert Target"

Save to Create


Click "Save"

Access the newly created "Lead"


Click on the name of the target to access it.

Convert the Lead to Contact


Click "Convert Lead"

Save to Create


Click "Save" to convert the "Lead" to "Contact"

New Contact Created


Your "Target" is now a "Contact" click on the name to access it

View "Contact" to verify


Don't forget to delete the "Target" if you no longer need it.

Because Targets are usually part of "Campaigns" the first conversion (Target to Lead) does not delete the "Target" it only makes a copy of it. So you can now replace the "Target" with the "Contact" to keep your CRM organized.