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How to allow access to a specific document or folder on Sharepoint 2010

Assigning permissions to a file or folder on the Sharepoint Site. This is useful if you want to restrict or grant user access to specific documents and/or folders on the your sharepoint site.

Log on to the Company Site


Go to: and enter your "User name" and "password"


Click on "Internal Web Site"

Note: Depending on your Web browser, you may need to enter your username and password one more time.

Find the Document or Folder


Most times your document would be located under "Shared Documents" on the left side panel

Access the permissions for the document or folder


1. Hover your mouse over the document or folder that you want to assign permissions and click the small menu arrow to the right.

2. Click "Manage Permissions"

Edit Permissions


1. Click "Actions"

2. Click "Edit Permissions"

Remove Inherited permission "CompanyWeb Members"


First you need to prevent all users from accessing the document/folder by removing the inherited permission "CompanyWeb Members"

1. Click the check box to the right of CompanyWeb Members


2. Click "Actions"

3. Click "Remove User Permissions"

Click to confirm: This dialog box varies

Add User(s) to the folder permissions


1. Click "New"

2. Click "Add Users"

Select the user or group to add by "User name" or "LCI e-mail address"


1. Type the User's "E-mail address" or "User name" in the Users/Groups text box

2. Click the "Check names" icon to verify the "e-mail address" or "User name"

3. Optional

Select permissions


1. Choose a level of access you wish the user to have to the Document or Folder

2. Specify if you would like to the system to send a welcome e-mail on your behalf

3. Click "Ok" to finish