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How to Setup and Join a VPN - Windows Vista

In order to take full advantage of your company's network Resources, Security, Data Protection and a feature such as Live Document Editing, you must join the network using a secure method.

Start the connection wizard


1 - Click start

2 - Click "Connect To"


Click Set up a connection or network

Choose a connection method


1 - Select Connect to a workplace

2 - Click Next

Choose a connection type


Choose "Use my Internet connection (VPN)"

Enter Server Address


1 - Enter the address of the Host Server ""

2 - Name the Connection

3 - Check "allow other people to use this connection" (Optional)

4 - Check "Don't connect now; just set it up so I can connect later"

5 - Click Next

Enter login credentials


1 - Enter your username and password, your "User name" is the name is provided to you by your System Administrator

2 - Enter your "Password" if you forget your password email support at

3 - Enter the Companiny Domain name

4 - Click "Create"

Connection is ready


Click "Connect now"



A successful connection would result in a "You are connected" message, You are now connected to the company Network, click "Close".

Windows Vista Network Discovery


If you have Windows Vista Auto Network Discovery enabled (usually enabled by default) you may see this dialog box. Click "Work"

Finish VPN setup


Click "Close"