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How to Re-build Publishing Profile for your web site

You can publish content to your site easily via either Web Matrix or Visual Studio 2010. You have tne option to re-build your publishing profile if you decide to change it or update your publishing settings. This guide will show you how.

Log into your Control Panel


Enter your Username and Password and click Sign In

Access your Web Sites


Hover over Web and then Select "Web Sites"

Choose the Web Site you want to use


Click on one of your listed Web Sites

Access the Web Publishing settings


Under Web Site Properties, Click on the Web Publishing tab.

Re-build Publishing Profile


Click the Re-build Publishing Profile for this web site link

Build the Publishing Profile


On the Build Publishing Profile Wizard dialog box;

1. Select your database name

2. Select your database user name

3. Select your FTP account (Optional)

4. Click OK

Download your Publishing Profile


Click the Download Publishing Profile for this web site link, and there you have your new Re-built Publishing Profile.