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Creating and Managing SugarCRM E-mail Templates

If you use Sugar CRM or a customized version of Sugar CRM this guide will walk you through creating and managing e-mail templates. On of the great uses of this is that you can either have one person create all your e-mail templates or you can create your templates before you start a e-mail campaign.

Access the Campaign Module


From your home screen click "Campaigns", if campaigns is not shown, you may need to click ">>" to access it from the hidden items.

Manage existing Templates


From the "Actions" bar Click "View Email Templates" then select the email template you want to Manage or Edit


Select the either "Edit" "Duplicate" or "Delete"

Note: Deletion of a Template is irreversible.

Create a new Template


From the "Actions" bar Click "Create Email Templates"

Edit your "New Template"


Use the editor to create your template, make sure to save when complete.